The monsters are largely based on 5 different elements (water, fire, leaf, wind and rock). There are a total of 230 monsters and counting to collect in the catalogue. Each monster falls into various levels of rarity which are as follows; common, special, rare, super, ultra, epic and the most recently introduced legendary.

Each monster of rarity from 'rare to legendary' has two abilities - a Passive ability and an Active ability. while 'common' monsters have none and 'special's have a sole passive ability that gives varying XP bonuses when they are fed to another monster.

Each monster of rarity above 'rare' is collected in 'jigsaw pieces' unless you are lucky enough to win a complete monster through the 'monster grab'. You can collect lot of monsters and collect badges.

Common Monsters

No. Monster: Element: Found in: Image:
1 Stabslab Rock Camp
2 Cromagma Fire Camp
3 Whirlybud Leaf Camp
4 Frostbite Water Camp
5 Wingding Wind Camp
6 Landmask Rock Teepee Hollow
7 Hotspot Fire Teepee Hollow
8 Leafling Leaf Teepee Hollow
9 Wetwilly Water Teepee Hollow
10 Nimbus Wind Teepee Hollow
11 Rubbleyell Rock Turtle Falls
12 Atomizer Fire Turtle Falls
13 Killypad Leaf Turtle Falls
14 Slushbug Water Turtle Falls
15 Battlebird Wind Turtle Falls
16 Craggy Rock Spring Clearing
17 Lavajaw Fire Spring Clearing
18 Underbrush Leaf Spring Clearing
19 Tankfish Water Spring Clearing
20 Puffbelly Wind Spring Clearing
21 Craterous Rock Mt. Magma
22 Radicoal Fire Mt. Magma
23 Thrashberry Leaf Mt. Magma
24 Jawsless Water Mt. Magma
25 Megamist Wind Mt. Magma
26 Quartzalcoatl Rock Rocky Ridge
27 Vulcano Fire Rocky Ridge
28 Kabloom Leaf Rocky Ridge
29 Snowpeak Water Rocky Ridge
30 Cloudcover Wind Rocky Ridge
31 Crumbler Rock Anywhere
32 Glohawk Fire Anywhere
33 Florabonita Leaf Anywhere
34 Brainfreeze Water Anywhere
35 Cottonsail Wind  Anywhere
36 Key Lime Leaf Anywhere
37 Baking Soda Water Anywhere
38 Devil Rock Anywhere
39 Light Wind Anywhere



Fire Anywhere
41 Muffle Wind Anywhere
51 Chocolate Fire Anywhere

Rare Monsters

No Monster: Element: Found in/Evolved from: Image:
52 Eboncalf Rock Camp
53 Foxfire Fire Camp
54 Tortoice Water Camp
55 Veeppeep Leaf Camp
56 Slyclone Wind Camp
57 Ebonbull Rock Evolution of Eboncalf
48 Bonfoxfire Fire Evolution of Foxfire
49 Wartoice Water Evolution of Tortoice
50 Chiefpeep Leaf Evolution of Veeppeep
50 Slyphoon Wind Evolution of Slyclone
51 Enormant Rock Spring Clearing
52 Embertail Fire Spring Clearing
53 Hippocrush Water Spring Clearing
54 Planda Leaf Spring Clearing
55 Wonderbun Wind Spring Clearing
56 Colossant Rock Evolution of Enormant
57 Embertooth Fire Evolution of Embertail
58 Hippocrunch Water Evolution of Hippocrush
59 Giantplanda Leaf Evolution of Planda
60 Thunderbun Wind Evolution of Wonderbun
61 Kongcrete Rock Teepee Hollow
62 Killavolt Fire Teepee Hollow
63 Frigideer Water Teepee Hollow
64 Mudball Leaf Teepee Hollow
65 Skywolf Wind Teepee Hollow
66 Silikong Rock Evolution of Kongcrete
67 Killawatt Fire Evolution of Killavolt
68 Frigistag Water Evolution of Frigideer
69 Mudblossom Leaf Evolution of Mudball
70 Stormwolf Wind Evolution of Skywolf
71 Rockhead Rock Turtle Falls
72 Smokeybear Fire Turtle Falls
73 Iguatic Water Turtle Falls
74 Woolstock Leaf

Turtle Falls

75 Twooster Wind Turtle Falls
76 Hornhead Rock Evolution of Rockhead
77 Flarebear Fire Evolution of Smokeybear
78 Igcicle Water Evolution of Iguatic
79 Woolapalooza Leaf Evolution of Woolstock
80 Roostorm Air Evolution of Twooster
81 Rockodile Rock Mt. Magma
82 Kaboarki Fire Mt. Magma
83 Aqualope Water Mt. Magma
84 Leafmur Leaf Mt. Magma
85 Discoprancer Wind Mt. Magma
86 Rockjaw Rock Evolution of Rockodile
87 Kaboomki Fire Evolution of Kaboarki
88 Aquabuck Water Evolution of Aqualope
89 Leafchief Leaf Evolution of Leafmur
90 Discomancer Wind Evolution of Discoprancer
91 Armordillo Rock Rocky Ridge
92 Serpyre Fire Rocky Ridge
93 Wotter Water Rocky Ridge
94 Strawbunny Leaf Rocky Ridge
95 Knightowl Wind Rocky Ridge
96 Armorkillo Rock Evolution of Armordillo
97 Pyrethon Fire Evolution of Serpyre
98 Mightwotter Water Evolution of Wotter
99 Wildbunny Leaf Evolution of Strawbunny
100 Generowl Wind Evolution of Knightowl
101 Pigrate fire
102 Pigtain
103 Peacfowl Wind Anywhere
104 Tranqowl Wind Evolution of Peacfowl
105 Boomdog
106 Doomdog
107 Dyngo
108 Springo
109 Wellhound Anywhere
110 Floodhound
111 Foghound Wind Anywhere
112 Cloudhound Wind Evolution of Foghound
113 Toadler Fire
114 Toadster Fire
115 Seekshell Fire
116 Sneakseeker Fire
117 Songcrete Rock
118 Songkong Rock
119 Phennix
120 Darkphennix
121 Kittelabra Fire Unknown
122 Catalabra Fire Unknown
123 Rumblehorse Fire Unknown
124 Warhorse Fire Unknown

Super Monsters

No Monster: Element: Found in: Image:
Hardrocker Rock Anywhere
Magmadon Fire Mission Tacos are awesome
Freezaur Water Mission High tides, low low prizes
Yggdrassic Leaf Mission Lost kitty
Pterosoar Wind Anywhere
Ragnarock Rock Anywhere
Magmarog Fire Anywhere
Freezrex Water Anywhere
Yggdrasaurus Leaf Anywhere
Soaron Wind Anywhere
Rockbottom Rock Anywhere
Backburner Fire Anywhere
Slushguppy Water Anywhere
Powerplant Leaf Anywhere
Terrordon Wind Anywhere
Rocktops Rock Anywhere
Backblaster Fire Anywhere
Toughguppy Water Anywhere
Flowerplant Leaf Anywhere
Terrordactyl Wind Anywhere
Crog Rock Anywhere
Firebat Fire Anywhere
Swampsting Water Anywhere
Treepir Leaf Anywhere
NoseBlower Wind Anywhere
Bullcrog Rock Anywhere
Fireflyer Fire Anywhere
Swampgash Water Anywhere
Treeprince Leaf Evolution of Treepir
Noseblaster Leaf Anywhere
Jollydon Fire Anywhere
Jollyrog Fire Evolution of Jollydon
Taodon Anywhere
Taosaur Evolution of Taodon
Darkwolf Wind Anywhere
Nightwolf Wind Evolution of Darkwolf
Wrathfire Fire Anywhere
Blightfire Fire Evolution of Wrathfire
Mardidog Leaf Anywhere
Mardigrow Leaf Evolution of Mardidog
Flupus Water Anywhere
Luquis Water Evolution of Flupus
Zapdog Fire Anywhere
Flashdog Fire Evolution of Zapdog
Bundit Fire Anywhere
Bundito Fire Evolution of Bundit
Snowdent Water Anywhere
Frodent Water Evolution of Snowdent
Brushbaby Leaf Anywhere
Crushbaby Leaf Evolution of Brushbaby
Bluedragoon Anywhere
Ruedragoon Evolution of Bluedragoon
Poprock Rock Anywhere
Hoprock Rock Evolution of Poprock
Ricoshell Anywhere
Ricospike Evolution of Ricoshell
Boaconductor Leaf Unknown
Boathoven Leaf Unknown
Fowlweather Water Anywhere
Weatherbane Water Evolution of Fowlweather
Crowst Wind Anywhere
Execrowtioner Wind Evolution of Crowst
Famisher Rock Anywhere
Fampire Rock Evolution of Famisher
Skeletabby Anywhere
Skeletiger Evolution of Skeletabby

UItra monsters

Raptorch Fire Anywhere


Snowmom Water Anywhere


Leaf Anywhere
Windbeaker Wind Anywhere
Bouldoise Rock Anywhere
Firefighter Fire Anywhere
Shaomonk Water Anywhere
Kingcacbra Leaf Anywhere
Windbender Wind Anywhere
Corsairlord Anywhere
Roguescorch Anywhere
Taobeaker Wind Anywhere
Taobreaker Wind Anywhere
Taomane Fire Anywhere
Taofighter Fire Anywhere Shalemail

Epic Monsters



Element: Found in: Image:
Bonedome Rock Anywhere
Taillight Fire Anywhere
Lakrbläke Anywhere
Treeleaf Leaf Anywhere
Technicaller Anywhere
Baronbones Anywhere
Smashlight Anywhere
Lakedrake Anywhere
Grandtree Anywhere
Techniconqueror Anywhere
Sapphighter Rock Anywhere
Slowburner Fire Anywhere
Inkwell Water Anywhere
Triapet Leaf Anywhere
Skyrin Wind Anywhere
Sappharmor Anywhere
Woeburner Anywhere
Inktank Water Anywhere
Treebble Anywhere
Skion Wind Anywhere
Wrathfire Anywhere
Blightfire Anywhere
Wavyjones Water Anywhere
Crossbones Anywhere
Navyjones Water Anywhere
Clashbones Anywhere
Lightfoot Anywhere
Featherfoot Anywhere
Flamecalf Fire Anywhere
Flamerbull Fire Anywhere

Legendary Monsters

No Monster: Element: Found in: Image:
Ice sage Water Christmas event
Ice Aeon Water Evolution of Ice Sage
Potato Head Veggiebal In Your Garden