Feeding is the process whereby a monster in the inventory is fused into a member of your team to give it experience points ( XP ). With sufficient XP, team monsters can be leveled up to increase its stats such as health and attack power.

Up to 5 monsters can be used in the feeding reaction and the number of stones required for fusion increases according to the team monster level. Note that monsters used in fusion are destroyed in the process.

Feeding Process

In order to carry out a feeding reaction, a player has to do the following:

  1. From the main menu, go to management (Mgmt).
  2. Select the monster you wish to add experience to.
  3. Select the option Feed
  4. A popup will appear from which you can select up to 5 monsters to fuse with. Special monsters and monsters of similar elements provide additional XP bonuses for your team monster.
  5. The popup would indicate the stone cost required for feeding to be carried out. The more monsters and the higher level the team monster, the more expensive the feeding would be.
  6. Tap the feed button to continue.
  7. Tapping the screen repeatedly causes the feeding animation to be fast forwarded.

After fusion is complete, the results of feeding are indicated. Feeding can be repeated as long as the team monster's level cap has not been reached, or as long you have enough monsters in your inventory and enough stones.

Feeding Multipliers

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